Implicit Differentiation - How it's done

Implicit Differentiation - How it's done

Given an equation relating y and x, see how y' is determined using implicit differentiation. Experienced and prospective Mathematica users: See note below.

  1. Here is the equation you submitted:
  2. Differentiate both sides of the equation with respect to x and get _
  3. You now solve for y' in terms of x and y.
    Multiple values for y'[x]: Created by webMathematica
The expression for y' can often be simplified.

Ken Levasseur
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Input for this script is the conventional way that an implicit relationship beween x and y is expressed in calculus textbooks. In Mathematica you need to make this relationship explicit by using y[x] in place of y. This is done automatically in the script by replacing all occurances of y with y[x]. back to the top of the page

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